1. How to Register?

On the Home page, click ‘REGISTER’ and complete the brief questionnaire.

The ‘Company Pass Code’ will have been provided to you by your employer.

Click ‘SIGN UP’. A password will be emailed to you to enable you to log in and access the full benefits of the site.

2. Can I change my Password.

You may change your password to your personal preference by going to ‘MY PROFILE’ and under the section called ‘ACCOUNT SETTINGS’ enter your preferred password, ‘CONFIRM PASSWORD’ and click ‘UPDATE’ to save.

3. Problems with login?

If you are experiencing issues the best way to log into the website, is via the “LOGIN” button at the top right of the website. This screen then allows you to login with your Email and Password, and if one of these is incorrect it will highlight the field in Red. Please remember, that your email address is the one you used when registering your account. If your password is incorrect, you can use the “Forgot your password” option at the bottom of the login page.

4. Where to start exercising.

If you are new to exercising you will find an explanation of individual exercises in the ‘EXERCISES’ section of the website. (See tab called “individual exercises”) Practice these before you embark on an EXERCISE PROGRAMME to achieve continuity during the session.

5. How to use Smart Stats.

To access the SMARTSTATS you first go to “My Profile” and on the green “SMART STATS” box click VIEW and enter your weight and Waist and Hip Measurements. Your BMI will be calculated and all measurements saved.

It is recommended that you update this information on a weekly basis and you will see at a glance the progress you are making. The stats are saved into a grid for you to see your progress over time.

6. How to use My Goals.

Do not be tempted to set goals for yourself that are too difficult to achieve. Set a few testing but realistic goals, achieve them, enjoy the thrill and re-set them again to achieve even better results.